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The Coeur d'Alene Window Company is pleased to introduce the latest in black Cap technology - The Carbon Series.  This new hybrid dark cap stock product is available in our 3000 Series single-hung, slider and picture windows.  

Coeur d'Alene's Carbon gives you the rich, dark finish on both the interior and exterior of the window that architects demand and designers love.

Dark Cap with foam.png

Shown with optional foam filled frame (Available in jamb and header)

Hybrid Technology

Carbon features a ten-year warranty (Please see warranty for actual specifics).  The product is uniquely integrated with the substrate for superior adhesion.

Carbon is fade resistant and is able to maintain rigidity because of its low heat gain properties and manufacturing techniques.

Compatible With Euro-finish

Carbon compliments products with Euro-finsh very well.  Combine Euro-finished casements and doors in the same structure with Carbon sliders and single-hungs for an attractive custom look.

Field Repair

It is important to understand that Carbon requires some touch up in the field.  This can be accomplished through the use of a paint pen or touch up bottle and brush.

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