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Solar control for all seasons

Every day, the sun provides an enormous amount of energy. In colder climate areas, this energy is beneficial and welcomed for warming homes. But summer temperatures throughout the U.S. can reach a blistering level and bring discomfort into the home. Since the majority of solar heat gain comes through your windows, choosing the right glass can be a key factor in comfort and year-round energy savings.


Cardinal CG Company's LoĒ³-270® Glass glass is the perfect glass for all season comfort. It reduces solar heat gain by 50% or more when compared to ordinary glass. Although it is a clear glass, LoĒ³-270® Glass even outperforms ordinary tinted glass typically used in sunny climates. And though it's coated, LoĒ³-270® Glass lets the light shine in to warm your house during the cooler winter months.

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