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               Protective Film


When you are done with a new or remodeled house, filthy or scratched windows can take the wind out of the homeowner’s sails. Post-construction cleanup is also an annoyance, as you spend time and money cleaning instead of moving on to the next job.


Cardinal IG Company's Preserve® Protective Film provides an end-to-end solution to dirty and marred windows. Pre-applied on Cardinal insulating glass (IG) units, Preserve® Protective Film protects everybody’s interests, whether it be the window manufacturer, construction supplier or contractor. Most importantly, it protects your relationship with the homeowner, as they get perfect, clean windows every time.

Because paint splatters, Preserve® Protective Film matters


But spattered paint isn’t the only problem. There’s excess stucco. Slopped mud. Scratched glass. By the time construction is over, the windows are a mess. But if your windows are covered with Preserve, clean-up is a snap. So when the job is over, builders simply peel off Preserve® Protective Film and throw it away – along with all the grime, even the labels.

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