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Vinyl windows aren't just white anymore.  The Coeur d'Alene Window Company is pleased to introduce you to the wonderful world of colors.  

Finally, the industry's best framing material is combined with the beauty of colors.  In addition to white and adobe, our windows are available in two new standard Euro-finish low gloss colors - black and bronze.

We are also among the first companies to offer a hybrid dark cap stock for both the interior and exterior of the window - Carbon.

If our standards leave you wanting and you don't mind a little wait, try one of our now 24 custom colors.

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Finishes supplied on Coeur d'Alene Window Products require care in handling to prevent damage.  Inspect product upon receipt and do not accept product that has been damaged.  If product is damaged return it to the factory for repair/re finishing prior to installation.  DO NOT INSTALL PRODUCT WITH DAMAGE.  The Coeur d'Alene WIndow Company is not responsible for jobsite damage that requires window refinishing.

Standard Colors

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Heat Build-up Countermeasures

All Carbon and in-house finished products include unobtrusive extra interior ventilation to prevent heat build up.  

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